I’m hosting a give away (phoenix/surrounding areas only, sorry)!! You can win two homemade (bomb diggity) pumpkin pies made by me! How to enter: Take me/go with me to a Pumpkin patch. That’s all!

count me in 🎃✌️
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Chapel Of The Holy Cross // Sedona, AZ

Jesus, be mine for ever, my God, my Heaven, my all ✝
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one lovely day.
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#thepaigedoshow Grand Canyon trip was a success !

hey Arizona, you’re pretty awesome 
being tourists with these Georgians today, get ready for the spam of photos  (at Grand Canyon National Park)
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| b l u r r e d • l i n e s | 

couples who wear Hawaiian shirts together, stay together 🌺 (at Joe’s Real BBQ)
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posing against an artsy fartsy background in downtown phx ✓

are we cool yet ?
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Opaque  by  andbamnan